Translation Grant - Sheikh Zayed Book Award

The aim of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award Translation Grant is to contribute to increasing the number of Arabic books that are translated, published and distributed abroad. Funding is available for the translation of all literary and children’s titles that have won the award or been shortlisted.

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Spotlight On Rights

Through its 'Spotlight on Rights' programme launched in 2009, Abu Dhabi’s Arabic Language Centre aims to raise awareness about the benefits of copyrighting works while supporting the translation of content into and from Arabic. Grants are also awarded to convert printed content into digital e-books and audiobooks. Another goal of the programme is to foster greater cooperation between Arab and international publishers.

Since 2009, the programme had contributed to the publication of more than 1,035 books  by over 140 publishers. Publications included science, history and social science books, among others, as well as children's books, while the Arabic library was enriched with books translated into several languages. In 2020 the programme introduced audio e-books to keep pace with the growth of electronic and audio content worldwide.

Grants for a paper book translated from and to Arabic range from AED9,200 to AED14,700 (grant applications for a series of childrens’s books are considered as one application). Meanwhile, grants for converting to an e-book range from AED3,700 to AED7,400 while grants to convert to an audiobook range from AED5,500 to AED7,400.

Participants can register and submit forms for the 'Spotlight on Rights' programme through the website of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair at
For more information about the programme please send an email with your query to

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