Story of the brand
Story of the brand

The Letter Ayn "ع"

Ayn is the first letter of the word "Arabic" and one of the distinct sounds that set this language apart. The word "Ayn" itself also has many homophones that all seem to denote beginnings. "Ayn" is a water fountain, bringing vibrance to life when it flows from the heart of the earth. "Ayn" is the eye, without which man cannot embark on the journey of discovery. "Ayn" is a distinguished individual, who gives back in abundance as is the individual duty of every Muslim, his "fard al-Ayn".


The first Arabic scientific linguistic genius appeared with "Kitab al-Ayn" ("Book of Ayn"), the first ever Arabic dictionary written by Al-Khalil bin Ahmed Al-Farahidi. From then on, watchful eyes kept observing the elements of the language as they emerged, grew, and aged to become the graceful and elegant language we know today, full of purity and vitality.



Black and White

From a mix of white and black, the succession of day and night, time began to move towards the future. White papers remained silent until black ink etched science, wisdom, and diversity onto them. Thus did Abu al-Aswad al-Du'ali when his quill drew the first Arabic dots on similar-looking letters to give each letter its own unique character.


Black is the color of Arabian beauty, from dark horses, to dark skin, to dark eyes. There may be no better symbol of the depth and simplicity of Arabian aesthetics than the black color.



Flowing Design

The seven lines symbolize the seven emirates, with the capital Abu Dhabi at their heart. Lines curve in four graceful movements, branching out into twenty-eight threads, the same number as the letters of the Arabic alphabet. They weave the history of a long-standing nation, connecting its past to its present, and moving toward the future with confidence, hope, and pride.


The smooth flow of lines reflects the graceful passage from authenticity to modernity, to an openness to other cultures and to a wealth of knowledge and technology advances. The brushstrokes mimic sand waves and dune curves, but also reflect the features of our modern life with its continuous flow and amazing transformations.