Mona Golabek & Lee Cohen
Mona Golabek is a Grammy-nominated recording artist, internationally celebrated concert pianist, and star of the one-woman show The Pianist of Willesden Lane.
Michael Ende
A German writer of fantasy and children's fiction. He is best known for his epic fantasy The Never-ending story; other famous works include Momo and Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver.
Nanna Neßhöver
Nanna Neßhöver is a teacher of German and religion, author of school and children's books.
Miriam Cordes
Miriam Toews OM is a Canadian writer and author of nine books, including A Complicated Kindness, All My Puny Sorrows, and Women Talking. She has won a number of literary prizes including the Governor General's Award for Fiction and the Writers' Trust Engel/Findley Award for body of work.
Kristina Dumas
Kristina Dumas is a journalist and author. She has written numerous articles and stories for children. Annette Betz has already published several of her musical picture books and non-fiction books.
Katharina Grossmann-Hensel
Katharina Grossmann-Hensel works as a painter, author and illustrator in Berlin. She studied German and English literature at the university of Hamburg and graduated in illustration at the university of applied sciences. Her first book was published in France.
Maja von Vogel
Maja von Vogel was born in 1973, she is a German author of books for children and young adults. Maja von Vogel grew up in Ahlhorn, Oldenburg and Lingen (Ems) as the oldest of three sisters.
Judith Allert
Judith Allert was born in Lichtenfels in 1982. Since she knows all the letters, she has been a bookworm and has therefore long dreamed of becoming a children's book author herself. Now she lives as a freelance author with her husband, dogs, cats, horses, chickens and woolly pig lords on a farm in the secluded Upper Franconian pampa. There she likes to walk through the countryside, plant and harvest her vegetable garden and come up with new stories.
Aleksey Varlamov
He was born in 1963 and he is a prose writer who writes short stories and novels but is probably best known for his biographies of writers, including Aleksey Tolstoy and Mikhail Bulgakov. The Varlamov File: Aleksey Varlamov was first published in 1987 when a story called “Cockroaches” appeared in the journal October.
Don Domingo Badía Y Leblich
Domingo Badía y Leblich (dōmēng´gō bäŧħē´ä ē lāblēk´), 1766–1818, Spanish traveler, known as Ali Bey. Posing as a Muslim, he set out from Cádiz (1803) and travelled through N Africa, Syria, and Arabia, reaching Mecca, of which he fixed the position astronomically. He wrote Voyage d' Ali Bey en Asie et en Afrique (1814).
Erik ORSENNA and Isabelle de SAINT-AUBIN
Erik Orsenna is an economist, writer and expert on sustainable growth, globalisation, the environment, and agriculture. He is a member of the prestigious Académie Française, and advises several French companies on economic and environmental strategies. Isabelle de SAINT-AUBIN Biographie  Is a French angiologist. She is the companion of the writer Erik Orsenna with whom she wrote Geopolitics of the mosquito.
Constanze von Kitzing
Is a German illustrator of children's books. Her work exudes an attainable playfulness, necessary in children's illustration, while also encompassing a sophistication that appeals and speaks to viewers of all ages.
Sabine Ludwig
She was born in 26 June 1954, in Berlin. Known as a German writer and translator. She studied German, Romance languages and literature, and philosophy. After her state examination, she worked for a short time as a high school teacher, then as an assistant director, press officer and finally as a radio station.
John Watson
was an American psychologist who popularized the scientific theory of behaviourism, establishing it as a psychological school. Watson advanced this change in the psychological discipline through his 1913 address at Columbia University, titled Psychology as the Behaviourist Views It.
Paul Maar
was born in 13 December 1937, he is one of the most important modern German writers for children and young people. He is a novelist, playwright, translator and illustrator.
Günther Jakob
is a German jurist, specializing in criminal law, criminal procedural law and philosophy of law. Jakobs studied legal sciences in Cologne, Kiel and Bonn, and in 1967 he graduated from the University of Bonn with a thesis on criminal law and competition doctrine.
Martin Muser
Is a writer: Über die Grenze. He is known for Über die Grenze (2017), Hinter Kaifeck (2009) and Räuberinnen (2009).
Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio
Is a French writer and a professor. The author of over forty works, he was awarded the 1963 Prix Renaudot for his novel Le Procès-Verbal and the 2008 Nobel Prize in Literature for his life's work, as an "author of new departures, poetic adventure and sensual ecstasy, explorer of a humanity beyond and below the reigning civilization".
Steven Roger Fischer
Was born in 1947,  is a New Zealand linguist. He is the former Director of the Institute of Polynesian Languages and Literatures in Auckland, New Zealand. Fischer is the author of more than 150 books and articles on linguistics, many of which are commonly cited. For his contributions to the decipherment of ancient scripts, Fischer was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand in 2010.
Philip Pullman
Was born in Norwich, England, the son of Audrey Evelyn Pullman (née Merrifield) and Royal Air Force pilot Alfred Outram Pullman. The family travelled with his father's job, including to Southern Rhodesia, though most of his formative years were spent in Llanbedr in Ardudwy, Wales.
Dr. Fatima Hamad Al Mazrouei
Emirati university professor and writer. Dr. Al Mazrouei Holds a PhD from Yarmouk University - Jordan, and a master's degree in Arabic language from the University of Jordan. She is a former member of the Federal National Council, member of the Advisory Council for the Arabic Language, and Assistant Professor at UAE University - Arabic Language Department.
Ghaya Khalfan Al Dhaheri
Emirati writer and researcher. She worked as a researcher specializing in the history and heritage of the United Arab Emirates at the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi. She is aslo a narrator of Emirati stories and folk tales.
Dr. Khawla Abdullah Al-Alili
Emirati researcher and writer born in Ajman. She received a Master of Arts degree and a PhD in Islamic History and Civilization from the University of Sharjah. She is a researcher in the history of the modern and contemporary Arabian Gulf, and is the Director of the Evaluation and Selection of Radio Programs at the Sharjah Media Corporation.
Lulwa Ahmed Al-Mansoori
Emirati researcher, novelist, and journalist born in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Arabic Literature, a Diploma in Cultural Heritage Management and the Restoration of Documents and Manuscripts. She has published a number of fiction and storybooks. Al-Mansoori is a member of the Emirates Writers Union Board of Directors and Board Member of the Centre for Humanitarian and Narrative Studies at the University of Mosul. She has won several literary and cultural awards.
Amna Obeid Al-Khayat
Emirati writer and storyteller.
Basima Mohammed Younis
Emirati writer and knowledge development consultant. She holds a PhD in Leadership in Talent Management and Development and is a member of the Emirates Writers Union and the Emirates Women Writers Association. She has published several collections in the fields of short stories, novels, theatre, cultural programs and short films, and won several cultural awards. She also holds a BA in Education and Literature - English Language from the United Arab Emirates University, a Diploma in Computer Programming from the NCR Institute in Dubai, a Bachelor of Laws from Beirut Arab University, and a master's degree in Educational Administration and Policy from the British University of Birmingham in Dubai in 2008. She works at the Ministry of Culture, Youth & Community Development.
Ali Abu al-Reesh
Emirati novelist and media writer, born in 1956 in the Al Maareedh, Ras Al Khaimah. He graduated from Ain Shams University in Physiology in 1979. Following his graduation, he joined the world of journalism, where he worked in the cultural section of Al-Ittihad newspaper. After a series of promotions, he reached the post of managing editor of the newspaper in 2007, and also worked as a series editor for Qalam at the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi. He was awarded the Emirates Appreciation Award for Science, Arts and Literature in 2008. His novel, Al-I‘tirāf (The Confession), was chosen as one of the 100 best Arabic novels of the 20th century. He has published dozens of novel, literary and intellectual books.
Ali Ahmad Al-Kindi Al-Marar
Emirati poet, writer, and researcher specializing in local history and heritage. He majored in international management from the University of California, and published a number of books.
Abdullah Abdulrahman
Emirati writer, researcher and journalist, born in Ras Al Khaimah in 1957. He worked in the local press and in the Department of Culture and Tourism. He was one of the first to monitor, collect and document oral heritage and popular culture in the UAE.
Dr. Hammad Al Khatri Al Nuaimi
Emirati writer with a PhD in Contemporary History, MA in History and BA in Sharia. Dr Al Nuaimi is also a field researcher at the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Cenre, a member of the member of the Scientific Society of Ashraf, and a member of the Arab Writers Union.
Ahmed Rashid Thani
Emirati poet, researcher and playwright, born in 1962 in Khor Fakkan. Seen as an innovator in Gulf poetry, he has written in both classical Arabic as well as local Emirati colloquial, and has founded a number of theatrical groups. His poetry has been published in full on the Arab Institute for Research & Publishing, and has varied between free verses (known as Al-Tafila poetry) and prose. He has worked in several cultural institutions, the latest of which was the ADACH (Cultural Foundation). He prepared, collected and studied the Emirati oral narrative. Later in his life, he suffered from heart disease and died in 2012.
Fahad Ali Al-Mamari
Emirati writer and researcher, born in 1972. Bachelor of Arabic Language – Beirut University; Member of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Libraries and Information Association, Member of the Emirates Writers Union and a member of the Culture and Science Symposium in Dubai. He has a number of books published on the subject of Emirati folklore.
Dr. Salah Jarrar
Jordanian writer, poet, and academic. He obtained a PhD in Andalusian literature from the University of London, and an MA in Andalusian literature from the University of Jordan. He worked as a professor in a number of Arab universities and as a Jordanian Minister of Culture. Dr. Jarrar is a member of a number of scientific and cultural committees and has published dozens of authored and verified books.
Dr. Nabil Ragheb
Egyptian critic, writer, هntellectual, and writer, born in Tanta in 1940. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts - Department of English Language and Literature at Cairo University, as well as a PhD from the Universities of Cairo and Lancaster, England. He worked as a professor and head of the Art Criticism Department at the Higher Institute of Art Criticism at the Academy of Arts, then as dean of the institute for three consecutive terms. He also worked as an advisor to the Minister of Culture in Egypt from 1969 to 1973. He has written and translated dozens of philosophical, intellectual, critical and theatrical books. He passed away in 2017.
Aisha Hamad Ahmed Al Dhaheri
Emirati writer specialized in children's books.
Sarah Abdullah Al Shamsi
Emirati writer and artist in the field of children's literature. She graduated from the United Arab Emirates University with a BA in Arabic Language and Literature. She works as a researcher at the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre. She is also an international trainer certified by the German Board.
Dr. Sulaiman bin Abdulrahman Al-Dheeb
Saudi writer, researcher and academic who participated in a number of international conferences and seminars, and won a number of awards, including the Appreciation Award of the General Union of Arab Archaeologists in 2016. Dr. Al-Dheeb is a member of multiple scientific committees and advisory bodies in a number of journals, universities and associations and has dozens of books published.
Naseer Shamma
Iraqi artist, musician and oud player, born in Al-Kut in 1963. He graduated from the Institute of Musical Studies, Baghdad in 1987 and won more than 60 awards, including the Arab Music Academy Award and the Creativity Award from the Arab Thought Foundation. He founded the “Arab Oud House” in Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Alexandria and Baghdad, and established the “Al-Alamiya Group”, a group of great Western musicians, as well as the Oriental Orchestra. Mr. Shamma was also appointed Ambassador of Nonviolence International.
Sultan Al Ameemi
Emirati researcher and novelist, born in 1974. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Sciences from the UAE University. He is Director of the Arab Poetry Academy in Abu Dhabi, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Writers Union. Al Ameemi is the author of more than twenty books on Nabati poetry studies and research, in addition to a number of novels and story collections.
Alia Ahmed Al Mazrouei
Emirati writer, born in Dubai, with a Bachelor of Education in English from the Higher Colleges of Technology in 2013.
Maha Khaled
Emirati poet who started publishing early in local newspapers, studied business administration at HCT and worked at ADNOC Land.
Dr. Shihab Ghanem
Emirati poet, writer, poetry translator, engineer, economist, and administrator. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering from the University of Aberdeen in 1964, a Master in Water Resource Development from Roorkee University in 1975, a PhD in Economics from Cardiff University in 1989, and an honorary doctorate in arts from Soka University, Tokyo in 2015. He served as the head of the Engineering Department of the Jebel Ali Free Zone and Dubai Ports and Director General of Mohammed Bin Rashid Technology City prior to his retirement. He has 92 published books, most of which are in Arabic and about 20 of them are in English. He has accumulated about 30 awards and honors in the field of poetry, translation, and scientific research, including the Tagore Peace Award in 2012, and the Cultural Personality of the Year Award as part of the Al Owais Award for Creativity 2013.
Dr. Azza Jalal Hashem
Egyptian writer and researcher, graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, earning her Master's and PhD. She taught political science and Islamic thought in a number of institutes and universities and published a number of papers and books.
Dr. Mousa Al-Haloul
Syrian writer, academic, and translator born in 1965 in Raqqa, Syria. He holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Pennsylvania, and has taught at a number of Arab universities, the latest of which is Taif University. He has published dozens of authored and translated books and participated in many international conferences.
Dr. Wahb Roumieh
Syrian researcher and academic. He holds a PhD in ancient literature from Cairo University. He was former Head of the Department of Arabic language at Sana’a University, professor of Ancient Literature at Damascus University, and former Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Damascus University. Dr. Roumieh is also a member of the Arab Academy of Damascus.
Abdulwahab Qutaya
Egyptian writer, journalist, broadcaster, and presenter of cultural programs on radio and television, born in 1936. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Department of Philosophy and Sociology at Alexandria University in 1958. He worked as a broadcaster in Sawt al-Arab (Voice of the Arabs) in 1961, as a broadcaster and observer of cultural programs on Abu Dhabi TV, and as a cultural editor for the UAE newspaper, Al-Ittihad. He is also a training expert at the TV & Radio Training Institute in Cairo.
Dr. Mohammed Al-Mansoori
Emirati writer and researcher who focuses on the history and heritage of the UAE. He holds a PhD in Architectural Engineering from Britain. He has worked as a project engineer in the Ministry of Works in Dubai since 1987, then as head of the Projects Department, reaching the rank of Director of the Housing Studies Department at the Ministry of Works and Housing. He was also an Operations Consultant at ADNOC.
Juma Al Darmaki
Emirati writer and researcher, born in Kalba in 1971. Al Darmaki is Head of the Museums and Collections Unit at the Zayed Centre for Studies and Research, affiliated to the Emirates Heritage Club. He received a Bachelor's degree in Communications from a British university in 1992.
Nasser Al Dhaheri
Emirati writer, journalist and director, born in 1960. He writes a daily column for Al-Ittihad newspaper entitled "The Eighth Column". He served as the Chief Military Media Officer, Editor-in-Chief of "Dir' al-Watan" magazine, Editorial Director of "Al-Ittihad" newspaper and President of the Emirates Writers Union. He holds a master's degree from the Arab Journalism Institute at the Sorbonne University and a bachelor's degree in media and French literature from the UAE University. He was awarded the Arab Journalism Award in 2017.
Ibrahim bin Saad Al-Hogail
Saudi writer and researcher, born in Majmaah in 1967. He holds a master's degree in Arabic language and literature from King Saud University, Riyadh. He is a specialist in the Arab heritage as a study and investigation. He also writes literary criticism and has published a number of books in these fields.
His Excellency Turki Al-Dakhil
Saudi writer, journalist, media figure and diplomat, born in 1973. He is the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in the UAE. He studied at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, obtained a master's degree in Islamic studies, and worked for Al-Arabiya News Channel, where his program "Edaat" meaning "Spotlights" won the best talk show award at the Gulf Radio and Television Festival in Bahrain, as well as by the Sixth Arab Media Forum in Kuwait.
Dr. Muhyiddin Tawfiq Ibrahim
Iraqi writer and academic, with master's and PhD degrees in language and grammar from Cairo University. He is a professor at the University of Mosul who has overseen dozens of master's and PhD dissertations and received recognition certificates and awards from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq. Dr. Ibrahim is also a member of specialized scientific committees and was the editor-in-chief of Al-Hadbaa newspaper.
Dr. Ahmed Ibish
Syrian writer, researcher, historian and translator, specializing in Islamic and modern history, particularly the Levant and the Arabian Peninsula. He has academic papers in the fields of philology and textual criticism. He studied history at the American University of Beirut. He also studied in Turkey and Germany and is fluent in seven foreign languages. He has translated and reviewed dozens of books within the series "Pioneers of the Arab Mashriq" in the Department of Culture and Tourism, and has published dozens of books written, translated and reviewed.
Dr. Faleh Handal
Iraqi writer, historian, former officer during the royal era, and a leading historian of the history of the UAE, born in Baghdad in 1934. He completed his studies in Industrial Management in Syracuse University in the United States of America. After his return to Iraq, he took over the management of a cigarette company, then decided to immigrate to Jordan, and finally settled in the UAE. He obtained a PhD in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, and has published dozens of books on the history and heritage of the UAE.
Mofeed Mohammed Marei
Broadcaster and media personality of Palestinian origin. He started working at Radio Palestine in Cairo and obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Ain Shams University. He was one of the first people working in Abu Dhabi Radio and Abu Dhabi TV since both of their inauguration, and was a correspondent in the UAE for BBC Arabic. He also founded a production and distribution company for TV series.
Dr. Muhammad Al-Safrani
Saudi writer, academic, and professor of postgraduate studies specializing in literature, criticism and interdisciplinary studies at Taibah University in Madinah. He serves as Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities and Director of the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts in Al-Madinah Province and is a member of a number of bodies, scientific committees and academic councils. He has published dozens of scientific research papers, and has a number of published books.
Dr. Frederick Maatouk
Lebanese writer and researcher, born in Beirut in 1949. He obtained a PhD in the Sociology of Knowledge from the University of Tours in France. He worked at the Lebanese University as a professor, then Director, then Dean. He has written more than twenty books in both Arabic and French.
Dr. Samar Al-Dayoub
Syrian writer and academic, and a professor in the Department of Arabic Language - Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences at Al-Baath University. She won the Syrian State Encouragement Award and other awards. She has a number of critical publications related to ancient, modern and contemporary Arabic literature. She has also participated in several local and international seminars, lectures and conferences.
Rebecca Rauh
German artist and writer, born in Berlin in 1976. She studied art at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin and was apprenticed by Maestro Georg Baselitz, who is considered one of the most prominent contemporary German artists. She also studied at teh hand of artist Rebecca Horn, who gained international fame and combined poetic text, image and philosophy in her work. Since 2003, Rauh has been teaching art at the Summer Academy in Venice, Italy and at the Art Academy in Bad Reichenhall, Germany. Rebecca Rauh has been exhibiting her artwork since 2002 regularly inside and outside Germany, and has received numerous art awards for her work.
Dr. Amin Youssef Odeh
Jordanian writer and critic and professor of Abbasid and Andalusian literature at the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at Al al-Bayt University, Jordan. His work focuses on manuscripts editing and is specialized in Sufi literature. He has a collection of published books and scientific papers, and has won Arab and local awards in the fields of storytelling and literary criticism. He obtained a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Arabic Language and Literature from Yarmouk University, Irbid, then a PhD in the same major from the University of Jordan, and has supervised scientific theses at the Master's and PhD levels. Dr. Odeh is a member of the Jordanian Writers Association, the Arab Writers Union, and a founding member of the Jordanian Critics Association.
Dr. Parween Habib
Poet, writer, academic and scientific researcher in the cultural and literary fields, and a media expert at Dubai Media Corporation. Dr. Parween Habib has won a number of awards, including the 2011 Dynamic Woman of the Year Award at the continental level from George Washington University in the United States of America, thus obtaining the first international award for stories of success of women around the world who presented bright experiences. She holds a Master's degree in Literary Criticism from Ain Shams University, Cairo, and a PhD in Literary Criticism from the League of Arab States, Egypt. Her book "Expressive Techniques in the Poetry of Nizar Qabbani" is being taught as part of the Arabic language curriculum for the secondary stage in schools in the Kingdom of Bahrain. She is a member of the Committee for Modernizing the Methods of Teaching Arabic Language - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's Arabic Language Initiative. In her TV presence, she has had interviews with around 500 Arab writers, intellectuals and artists. She established the Athar Association for Arts and Letters in 2016, and the House of Culture in 2018 to present her various literary activities.
Hussein Fathi Adwan
Jordanian writer and researcher in the field of Arabic language and literature, working in the fields of editing and journalism. He received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Jordan. He works for the Academy of the Arabic Language Radio as a radio program presenter. He also works as an editor for the Poetry Encyclopedia of the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre. He has participated in a range of Arabic language projects, Such as the Arabic Language Academy in Sharjah, and the "Saudi Electronic University Language Education Program for Non-Native Speakers", and others.
Asma Al Hammadi
Emirati poet and critic. She holds a Master's degree in Arabic language and literature. She has published a number of collections of poetry and short stories, and has participated in many poetry readings. She is a member of the Emirates Writers Union.
Dr. Hikma Shafi Al-Asaad
Syrian critic, poet, and academic, born in 1979. He holds a PhD in Arabic literature - specializing in pre-Islamic literature. He has received a number of awards, including: the Suad Al-Sabah Award and the Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity.
Dr. Abdulrahman Al Rasheed
Jordanian critic, born in 1982. He holds a PhD in modern Arabic literature and criticism from Yarmouk University in Jordan, and is a member of the Jordanian Writers Association. He worked as an Arabic language teacher and part-time lecturer in several Jordanian universities. He has several researches and critical studies on Arabic criticism and poetry.
Moath Bani Amer
Jordanian writer, researcher in intellectual and philosophical studies, director of Masarat Tanweer Center, Amman, Jordan. He has published a number of critical and intellectual books.
Dr. Maha Al-Atoum
Jordanian poet, writer and translator, was village of Souf in Jerash. She obtained a BA in Arabic from Yarmouk University, a Master’s degree from the same university, and a PhD from the University of Jordan in modern literature and modern criticism. She teaches modern criticism in the Department of Arabic Language at the University of Jordan, with the rank of professor.
Omar Anaz
Iraqi poet and writer, born in Mosul in 1976. He has published a number of poetry books and and co-authored five books in the Eyes of Arabic Poetry Series.

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